This is a support group for survivors of Elizabeth Gomez. Elizabeth Gomez (or “Le Fey”) has a documented history as an alleged serial abuser and perpetrator of sexual assault. This information comes from allegations gathered from multiple survivors as well as the fact that in 2014 a judge "found, based on a preponderance of evidence, that she had committed abuse". Five people have been granted protection from her under domestic violence restraining orders (DVRO) on grounds of abuse based upon allegations and evidence of stalking, breaking and entering, death threats, sexual harassment and revenge porn. LAPD has processed multiple reports of violations of these restraining orders.  

She has adopted a tactic of silencing her victims by shaming them, manipulatively using the women’s movement and “feminism” as a way to trick internet users to support her harassment and abuse while simultaneously destroying the credibility that feminists and actual survivors of domestic violence have worked so hard to fight for.


We have decided to create this website as a place for survivors to have a community in a safe space where they can share, find that they are not alone, and finally become empowered by having a voice.

Yellow Flower